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I just wanted to send a quick note complimenting your team on great customer service.
I purchased a control board in your shop yesterday morning and your team was helpful and courteous.

William, Feb, 3rd 2015

Thanks so much for having the ignitor part we need that is obsolete and nowhere to be found in Canada!! The shipment was quick and now we have a working furnace in our house! Saved us from purchasing a new furnace. We appreciate the little monkey that was included in our package J :)

Cherryl, Mar. 31st 2016

Thank you for selling and helping me with the motherboard conversion on my Lennox furnace. Your video walk-though worked out great as well

Craig, Mar. 30th 2016

Thank you for your fast delivery and great packing!

Marc, Dec. 23rd 2015

I have your website on my favorite list. ​ Good doing business with you. ​ I'm a retired HVAC mechanic but I still do side jobs. ​ There are several Lennox systems in my neighborhood. Thank you!

Wayne, Dec. 19th 2015

Great prices, good customer service and fast shipping! I couldn't ask for more from a company! I'm completely satisfied with my purchase, and I will be using this company for any of my further needs!!

Marlon, Jan. 8th 2016

A big thank you to your company!! I was able to talk to a real person on the phone. The part arrived quickly. It was the correct part, and the instructions for installing it were excellent. I now have a working furnace.

Dean, Jan. 29th 2015

Extremely helpful!!!! I had a furnace issue and just bought a part from them, when the part didn't solve my problem I called after normal business hours to set up a service call. After knowing I installed the first part myself they helped me troubleshoot and suggested I install another part. I was able to pick it up that same evening and had heat by the time I went to bed. Most companies wouldn't give advice at all, much less help you in the evening. You have found a customer for life. Thanks Mark for all your help!!!!

Wade Jan 17 2015

I wanted to send a special thank you for your customer service and support team. You folks stand behind your products you sell 100%. Hard to find any company in 2015 that still puts the customers first. I purchased a new controller for my older Whitfield pellet stove from you last June as a back-up to my original controller that was acting up at the end of previous winter. When I replaced the controller this past November the new one was defective. You sent me out a new controller and was back up running the same week. You folks are fantastic. Your policy is only 30 days and you sent me out a new one at no cost and you didn't have to. It was my stupidity to buy a new controller just to have a spare on the shelf. I will not forget your customer service and will highly recommend you to future friends in need. Thank you again.

Brian, Jan. 8th 2015

I saw your video on YouTube about the SP745 to a 30W33. Just wanted to say thanks a lot, u saved me a lot of headache and I hope u may continue to do good videos, because it really helps.

Keraghn, Dec. 23, 2014

Thanks so much for your quick delivery! Now thats what I call good service!! I called around 11:00 A.M. on Wed. and received it at 1:00 P.M. on Thursday. Not that my order was an emergency BUT that was great!

Wesley, November 12, 2014

Just wanted to let you know that Kurt that works in customer service department did a great job helping me find the correct Hvac fan motor. I had some concerns about if the part was going to be correct but he assured me that it was and I just wanted to let your company know that it's hard to find great customer service now days and Kurt went above and beyond. Once the motor came in the mail I swapped it out and it worked perfectly. Thanks you very much for you companies great customer service, parts, prices. As a military vet it's nice to know that there are still companies and people out there that care about their customers.

Very respectfully,
Scott, July 15, 2014

Please recognize STEVE for his great public relations, his expertise, and his sincere desire to help.

He is an OUTSTANDING resource.

Kel,… a satisfied customer, January 02, 2014

Thank you very much…I really appreciate you folks helping us out. We’ll be in touch again when future needs arise. Thanks again!

E. J., 6/17/2013

My thanks to you both for providing excellent service and customer support. The schematic allowed me to confirm normal operation of the Lennox control board. The new ECM motor & module worked to perfection. Air conditioning that works is truly one of the great inventions of all time.

Regards, Jeff , 6/12/2013


Mark, Kurt.. I greatly appreciate your help with this.. Let the Boss (if you guys are not the boss) that I greatly appreciate your expertise and assistance! You guys did NOT make any assumptions that the fan met the "Spec" that i gave you, you actually went the extra mile to ensure that it was the correct motor and i indeed have the correct capacitors coming my way that i ordered a few days ago. I know my family (2yr, 6yr, and wife) will enjoy the cool air again once it arrives.

Thx again guys, Justin, 6/11/2013


Thank you for your prompt and courteous customer service. This is exactly what we needed.

Again, thank you

Merdis M, 5/30/2013

THANK YOU! Who says Staples has the only "EASY" button!
Tom C 6/28/2013

Thanks very muchness service was great and i will refer your company to others...

Billy S. 6/14/2013

Steve, I received the Honeywell Ignition Control unit and installed it successfully - got flame now. Thanks so much for you help and troubles shooting help. Maybe when I grow up I can be a furnace guy now! Again thanks for all your help. I'll keep bookmarked for next time.

Keith 6/11/2013

MARK was a great help today with how he treated me on the phone and his knowledge. I will be saving your web sight to my favorites list and you all will be the first ones I call instead of a hvac guy. I also have an insurance agency and I will keep your company in mind for my customers that are do it yourself type of people.

Jim K 4/6/2013

After 18 years of September to May heating demand, my Lennox 24G had finally given us trouble. I had to replace the "mother board" as well as the blower motor. When I tried to reignite the furnace, "no go". Before, I had at least flame..but no blower. Now, I had induction draft, but no blower or flames (with new board). AGHHH! What?? Frustration that creeped over me was replaced by the confidence that 'STEVE' the tech, gave me, as he helped me Dx the problem(s) over the phone. You guys are GREAT and I would not hesitate to send my friends and family your way. STEVE did not make me feel like a reject or a dunce, instead, he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He knows his stuff and it made my life all the easier. THANKS HVAC parts've saved me the price of a new furnace..(who has THAT kind of money now'days??). SHOUT-OUT to HVAC Parts Shop, inc!! YOU ROCK.   G.McPherson 3/20/2013

Just a short note to say thanks for getting me the parts I needed so quickly. The order arrived this morning and my furnace is back working like a charm again. Many thanks

Bill, 10/09/2012

I am generally not a reviewer of websites or transaction experiences, but wanted to first thank you Steve in parts for the time you spent on the phone with me walking through a diagnosis of my AC compressor problem, for the part numbers you provided and great turn-around service in getting them out to me. I installed the parts and the unit is now working fine! Your priced were not the cheapest, but do know I chose to pay more because of your great service.

Kevin, 8/30/2012

I can't say enough good things about you guys and my experience with dealing with you. I placed my order on a Saturday and the parts arrived UPS on Wednesday. The install went smoothly and thanks to yours sales staff , I got the parts I needed and got them quick. The install went smoothly and everything is working again and we are enjoying our repaired system.

Doug, 8/08/2012

Thanks!!!Your customer service rocks! I have yet to work with a more friendly and prompt people.

Alex, 7/24/2012

I wanted to thank Mark for his willingness to help out a desperate homeowner. I am a DIYer and Mark took the time to explain to me how to complete my self repair. I followed his detailed instructions and it work just like he said. As a manager, I know how hard it is to find employees who will go he extra mile for customers. Mark is a good one and deserves a lot of credit. Thanks for all your help!

Ryan, 7/06/2012

I want to give TWO thumbs up to the great folks at HvacPartsShop. Shipping was incredibly prompt. When I had a question about one of the parts I received, BOTH Mark and Steve were very responsive and took the time to walk me through everything. Their good, old-fashioned customer service speaks volumes and, in this day and age, is priceless. Way to go guys. I will recommend you heartily. Thank you.  Marc - June 2012
Hi there, just wanted to say "thanks" to everyone there, Mark in particular, for helping me out with the ignition controller I needed. 
Very courteous, quick shipment, and I now have heat!  Just in time, too.  Bad weather in Southeast MO.

-Howard - November 11
I just want you to know YOU GUY”S AND GAL’S ARE THE BEST !!! What a pleasure to do business with such a great outfit ! The online chat help was what took a stressful situation and put me at ease. Erica – you’re the best ! Everything about dealing with HvacParts was outstanding !!! Everything was perfect from the tracking, packaging and the correct part at the right price. I am a 100% HvacPartsShop guy from now on. I will pass my views on to everyone I know or find that is in need of AC parts. Thank you so much for taking care of the little guy when so many other places turn their nose in the air at us little people. What a pleasure and pleasant surprise in a time when it’s so tough to get good products at fair price with fair treatment. Thank you,   -Neil - July 11
Patti, I installed the capacitors and they work perfectly. I really appreciate your kind attention. An AC technician wanted $450 to furnish and install those two capacitors, and with your help I did it myself for $98.   -Bob - June 11
 Thank you all so much - never before have I had such up to date notifications on an online order! My furnace will finally be free of a buzzing transformer! Consider me incredibly impressed by everyone's effort there!   -Pete - February 11
 To Patti and All the great people at Thank you so much for the monkeys,My kid's love them,It's better than Christmas. I suppose it's the little thing's in life that really matter. I know you did not have to do it and am very appreciative for your doing it. So are my children,As they are too young to express their gratitude by email,Not to worry they are great artist's in their own right. I will compose a letter from them and really show you their gratitude. Thank you again for the fast shipping and great part's source,and the monkey stuff's   -John- February 11
 Hey you guy's are FAST, order on the 17 and receive it on the 18th. Can't get any better than that. Thanks   -Dave- January 11
You are the best! Thank you for your awesome customer service and quick delivery! We are already warm again after ordering our furnace part not much more than 24 hours ago. Thank you again!--   -Sue- January 11
I love you guys. Your my new best supplier. You have the Service Literature for my model on-line! You have the parts I need with all information to confirm I'm purchasing the correct part. You accept PayPal! Your prices look fair. I just saved a bit of money doing this myself.  -Chris January 10
Wow! You guys are fast! and thank you so much for Steve's patience! the prices are good, and the shipping was fast.  The item was packed much better than I expected.  I received the heat strip in great shape.  Please keep up the high standard you have given me and I am sure your company can only prosper.  I will use your company for any other hvac parts I may need in the future.
 -Mary Lou January 10
Patti, In this day of almost total incompetence it was nice to see a company that can do a great job.  The shipping was reasonable, the prices are good, and the shipping was fast.  The item was packed much better than I expected.  I received the heat strip in great shape.  Please keep up the high standard you have given me and I am sure your company can only prosper.  I will use your company for any other hvac parts I may need in the future.
 -Steve March 09
Just Wanted to thank everybody at your place.  From the parts woman to the tech to the online help everyone was super helpful and a pleasure to deal with.  I got my parts around 6 pm and had the furnace back working by 7.  Thank god and again thanks for all your help. 

-John February 09
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your patience, courtesy and excellent customer service extended to me when I encountered a problem with my online account.  My order was just a one item purchase but you treated me as if I were one of your major accounts.  The power of customer service can never be underestimated.  It cost nothing but has great dividends!
 -Susan February 09
I received my board this morning and I installed it and its running perfect, I will remember your company in the future and recommend it to friends, I was worried about getting the wrong board but the model # was good for you guys, thanks alot.

-Amos February 09
Thank you for your extra help in getting this to us in a rush last Saturday.  We appreciate you and wanted to say thanks!

-Emily January 09
I received my parts, installed them and all is well!  I want to thank you and the technical team for helping me out.  I got the right stuff, at the right price, the first time around!
 -Lawrence January 09
Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order.  It's cold down here!!! I would definitely recommend your company to others.
 -Lonnie January 09 
Thank you and your company for the fast turn around time on the furnace parts.
 -Craig January 09
Thanks Steve you are the best.  I also wanted to thank you for your help with sorting out the parts, you were extremely helpful.  My family especially appreciated the heat I was able to restore after not having it for a couple of days this winter.  I will remember your company for all my future furnace and air conditioning needs! -Jose January 09
Just want to say Thank you for all your wonderful, helpful associates, especially Steve, who walked me through the troubleshooting process in order for me to fully understand my furnace problems.  It is customer service like this that will keep me as a loyal customer and spread the word.  And your prices are the best!  Believe me, I checked around.
 -Henry January 09
A desperate phone call to your office in the hope your were still open was answered by Steve.  Who stayed past closing time to walk us through the unique issues we ran into.  We had him on the head set on speaker phone and followed his directions step by step.  Kudos to Steve!  Without him we may have screwed things up and cost ourselves more money.  We also would have been without heat.  You have an excellent employee in Steve and his customer service attitude is an asset to your company you should value.  While I pray we have not further furnace issues if we do we will call you for the parts.  I also mentioned your company to several of my friends so my word of mouth advertising is out here for you. -Kenneth January 09
You guys are the greatest.  First time I used you but trust me I will be back a hundred more for sure.  You are a purchasing agents dream!!!!! -Tony January 09 9 
Great service, great communication, I will recommend your professional company to anyone I know that may need this equipment good job, happy new year it is refreshing to deal with a company that is together like yours. -Bob January 0
Thanks for the great customer service and speedy delivery.  Product works perfectly. -Betsy January 09 I just want to say thanks. Installed easily and Furnace is working fine. -Ernie January 09

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