69W88 - Burner Assembly

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The Lennox 69W88 Six Burner Assembly is a critical component of a Lennox gas furnace. It plays a crucial role in the combustion process, where natural gas or propane is mixed with air and ignited to produce heat. The burner assembly is responsible for delivering a controlled and efficient flame to heat the furnace's heat exchanger, which, in turn, warms the air that circulates throughout the home or building.

Key Features and Components:

  1. Burner Tubes: The burner assembly typically consists of multiple burner tubes, which are designed to distribute the gas-air mixture evenly across the combustion area. These tubes are precisely engineered to ensure proper combustion and efficient heat transfer.

  2. Igniter or Pilot Light: Depending on the specific furnace model, the burner assembly may include an electronic igniter or a traditional pilot light. The igniter or pilot light is responsible for igniting the gas as it flows through the burner tubes, initiating the combustion process.

  3. Flame Sensor: Some burner assemblies may also have a flame sensor, which detects the presence of a flame. The flame sensor is a safety feature that ensures the gas flow is shut off if a flame is not detected, preventing gas leaks and potential hazards.

  4. Gas Supply Connection: The burner assembly is connected to the gas supply line, which provides the natural gas or propane needed for combustion. Safety measures are in place to regulate gas flow and prevent leaks.

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