Y8903 - PCO3S-20-16, PureAir S Air Purification System

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Lennox Y8903 PCO3S-20-16, PureAir S Air Purification System, 2000 CFM, MERV16, DLSC Series

The PureAir™ S PCO3S-20-16 Air Purification System combines multiple air purification technologies into a single, state-of-the-art, air purifier. The PCO3S is a multi-position unit that can be installed in the return air side of all types of HVAC whole-house systems. It features multiple cabinet sensors that automatically detect and send information to the iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat.

Filtration - The Carbon Clean 16® (MERV 16) media filter captures more than 95% of particles 0.3 microns and larger and more than 90% of particles 0.01 microns and larger.
Photocatalytic Oxidation - The UVA lamp activates the photocatalyst on the PureAir Cartridge that captures and destroys odors and chemical
NOTE - To utilize all communication features of the PureAir™ S Air Purification System, the unit must be matched with the iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat and an iComfort® communicating variable-speed indoor furnace or air handler.

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