About Us

First, we want to thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and whenever you need HVAC parts, we’ll always be happy to help! We have friendly and knowledgeable staff, with excellent customer service! ! To give a behind-the-scenes look at who we are as a company, we’re going to take you behind the veil and fill in some of the blanks.

HVACPartsShop.com MascotTo start, we’ll show you how the Hvacpartsshop.com vision became a reality. Our management team came up with an idea to sell furnace and air conditioner parts online. We thought of ideas that would help us stand out and help people remember us. Our HR manager thought about having a monkey mascot, so we had an artist working here that drew up some designs. After going over the designs with the team, we decided we liked the monkey best, and that is what stuck! Even if people don’t remember us by our name, they always remember the monkey! We worked to perfect our ideas before the launch, so everything would go smooth and run efficiently.

Our website finally went live in 2006, and we’ve been selling direct OEM parts online ever since we began. We started adding product right away, and now we have over 10,000 parts on our site that we are always updating. We turned from a 2-person operation to a full team that works with warehouses across the country. Our Ecommerce Manager, who helped start up HvacPartsShop.com says, “I love seeing how much we have developed as a company, and the fact we are always striving to grow. Helping customers trouble-shoot their HVAC issues over the phone and being successful at it is why I love what I do.” We work directly with UPS and offer a variety of shipping methods to get parts delivered as quickly as possible. We ship all across the United States and even Canada. Our Shipping Manager says, “It is rewarding to hear the joy in a customers voice when I help them find the correct part they need. Knowing that I help contractors and families across the country stay warm and cool is why I am so passionate about what I do!” We work closely with our vendors to get the best pricing and pass these savings along to our customers.

HVACPartsShop.com mascot logoWithin the last year we have updated our website to make it much more user-friendly. We also updated our monkey to a fresh new look that our customers love! On top of that, we also included some new features to help you with your HVAC part needs! Some of these features include; searching by model number, video installation tutorials, a more comprehensive list of service manuals, and many other things. Our main focus has always been helping contractors, manufacturers, and families have easy access to OEM HVAC parts. We were one of the very first to start selling directly to the customers through the internet! Our IT Manager says, “We are innovative, evolving, and adapting to allow our customers quick access to parts. There are thousands of parts out there, so we strive to make it as simple as possible!”

We take great pride in our customer service, and our online reputation proves that! We’re proud of the service we provide to our customers, but we also want to say thank you to all of our customers who have left us reviews! Your kind words mean the world to us, and without you, we couldn’t do what we do every day. So, thank you for being our loyal customers that we know would not go anywhere else for their HVAC parts. Plus, we send out toy monkeys in every package that people will call and say that their kids loved! Our HR Manager says, “I honestly believe that we do better than any of our competitors because, we care about we are doing and who we are doing it for.”

Image of KurtIf you need any HVAC parts, please let us know, we’re always willing to help! Plus, in most cases we can get our products out the same day they are ordered. We also offer technical support if you have some difficulty installing your new air conditioner or furnace part! We always have monthly discounts to help you save your money and in the case of a return we make it very easy. Call us at 866-215-3831 if you need to find the right part to get your air conditioner or furnace working again. If you are local, you can always stop by our shop and pick up your part, just give us a call!