Website Updates!

Oct 13th 2017

It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally updated our website to make it more user-friendly. We have a bunch of new features on our site to make it easier for you to find the exact part … read more
How to get your Furnace up and Running for the Fall

How to get your Furnace up and Running for the Fall

Posted by Stephanie Smith on Sep 15th 2017

As fall approaches, its time to get your furnace ready for colder temperatures. More than half of emergency calls in the winter can be chalked up to lack of maintenance on your furnace. Furnace pr … read more

Ordering Parts Online

Aug 22nd 2017

Ordering items online is highly convenient. It is also usually cheaper than purchasing at a retail store because you don’t have to pay the upcharge for retail store pricing. The downside to purchasing … read more

No Draft Inducer Blower, No Heat

Aug 22nd 2017

A draft inducer blower is the fan that you hear churning 30-60 seconds before your furnace booms to life. Its main functions are to clear the heat exchanger of gas leftover from the previous cyc … read more

Does Your Furnace Need a New Capacitor?

Posted by on Aug 22nd 2017

Capacitors are a key component to your furnace’s overall performance and just like most parts, will eventually wear out. Here are some indications of a weak or faulty capacitor:1. Noisy! – If … read more