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Pets and your HVAC system

Posted by Sean O'Leary on Jul 10th 2018

Dogs, cats, lizards, or birds, we all love our pets. They can be a pain in the backside at times, but they’re part of the family and we love them. They love us, and they love to have (and protec … Read more

Working on your AC in the Rain = Bad Idea!

Posted by Sean O'Leary on May 31st 2018

Safety. People generally take safety more seriously than anything else in their lives. While driving, at home, in a relationship, doing your hobbies, and at work, being safe is something that … Read more

How is your Indoor Air Quality?

Posted by Sean O'Leary on Apr 18th 2018

Spring is a great season. Birds start chirping again, the trees and flowers begin to bloom, and the weather starts to warm up. But, did you know that allergens are at their most preva … Read more

What Your Capacitor's Ratings Mean

Posted by Sean O'Leary on Mar 30th 2018

Do you know that thing that starts your car’s engine and provides the electrical current to your vehicle? What about the things that power your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or other handheld devic … Read more

What to do When the Heat Goes Out

Posted by Sean O'Leary on Mar 8th 2018

Call it Murphy’s Law, or maybe just a little bad luck, but we sometimes see furnace and/or heat pump issues in Olathe during the cooler months, when they’re necessary to keep you comfortab … Read more