14D97 - Lennox 240009113, Hydrolevel HydroStat Control for GWB8-050E - GWB8-299E Boilers


14D97 - Lennox 240009113, Hydrolevel HydroStat Control for GWB8-050E - GWB8-299E Boilers

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The Lennox 240009113 Hydrolevel HydroStat Control is a specialized component designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of GWB8-050E to GWB8-299E boilers. As part of the HydroStat series, this control system offers advanced features to optimize boiler operation and provide reliable heating.

Designed specifically for compatibility with Lennox GWB8 series boilers, the HydroStat Control acts as a central brain for managing various boiler functions. It helps regulate temperature, monitor system pressure, and ensure safe and efficient operation of the boiler.

The HydroStat Control utilizes advanced technology to maintain consistent water temperature within the boiler, improving energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. This contributes to lower energy bills and a more eco-friendly operation, aligning with modern energy conservation standards.

Equipped with user-friendly interfaces, the HydroStat Control makes it easy for homeowners or technicians to monitor and adjust boiler settings. Its intuitive design and clear display facilitate hassle-free navigation and configuration.

One of the key benefits of the HydroStat Control is its ability to enhance system safety. It includes features such as low-water cutoff protection and temperature limit settings, preventing potential overheating and ensuring the boiler operates within safe parameters.


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