17Y57 - Healthy Climate ERV5-175-TPD Energy Recovery Ventilator


17Y57 - Healthy Climate ERV5-175-TPD Energy Recovery Ventilator

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Model #17Y57
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The Healthy Climate ERV5-175-TPD is an advanced Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) designed to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency in residential and light commercial buildings. With a ventilation capacity of 175 cubic feet per minute (CFM), this unit offers a balanced and efficient airflow for a healthier and more comfortable living or working environment.

An Energy Recovery Ventilator is an essential component of modern HVAC systems, specifically designed to exchange stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air while minimizing heat loss or gain. The ERV5-175-TPD utilizes a highly efficient heat exchanger core to transfer heat and moisture between the incoming and outgoing airstreams, resulting in substantial energy savings.

The ERV5-175-TPD's 175 CFM capacity ensures sufficient airflow to provide effective ventilation for spaces up to a certain size. The unit's capacity is calculated based on industry-standard guidelines to ensure proper ventilation rates, which contribute to removing pollutants, controlling humidity, and preventing the buildup of harmful gases.

This ERV model is part of the Healthy Climate product line, which is known for its exceptional performance and reliability. The ERV5-175-TPD is constructed using durable materials and features advanced technologies to deliver consistent and efficient ventilation performance over time.

Replaces: Y2139

Product Height ......18-3/4 IN
Product Width ......15 IN
Blower Motor............PSC
Gross Weight............67 LB
Amperage (AMPs)............1.4
Product Length............33-5/8 IN


Minimum Purchase: 1 unit
Manufacturer Part Number 17Y57
Manufacturer Lennox

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