18U96 - Fieldpiece SM380V, SMAN Refrigerant Manifold 3-Port - Wireless


18U96 - Fieldpiece SM380V, SMAN Refrigerant Manifold 3-Port - Wireless

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The Fieldpiece SM380V is a state-of-the-art refrigerant manifold that provides advanced functionality for HVAC professionals. With its wireless capabilities and intuitive design, this 3-port manifold offers convenience and accuracy in refrigerant pressure and temperature measurements.

Equipped with wireless technology, the SM380V allows HVAC technicians to remotely monitor and control the manifold using a compatible device. This wireless connectivity streamlines the diagnostic process, enabling professionals to access real-time data without needing to be physically present at the manifold.

The 3-port configuration of the SM380V provides the capability to measure pressure and temperature for three separate refrigerant lines simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful when working with systems that have multiple circuits or zones, as it eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect hoses frequently, saving time and improving efficiency.

The SM380V's user-friendly interface includes a large and easy-to-read display that presents pressure and temperature readings clearly. The manifold's intuitive controls and navigation ensure that HVAC professionals can quickly access the information they need during diagnostic and servicing tasks.


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