49W91 - 102297-01 Relay, DPST N.O., 22 VDC


49W91 - 102297-01 Relay, DPST N.O., 22 VDC

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The 102297-01 Relay is a high-quality and reliable electrical component designed for various applications that require the control or switching of electrical circuits. This specific relay features a DPST (Double-Pole, Single-Throw) configuration with normally open (N.O.) contacts, making it suitable for applications where a connection needs to be established when the relay is energized.

One of the notable characteristics of this relay is its operating voltage of 22 VDC (Volts Direct Current). This voltage rating makes it well-suited for use in low-voltage DC circuits commonly found in electronics, automation, and control systems. The 22 VDC rating ensures compatibility with a range of applications and provides reliable switching capabilities.

The DPST configuration means that this relay has two separate sets of contacts, each with a normally open position. When the relay coil is energized, it causes these contacts to close, allowing the electrical circuit to be completed. This design is advantageous in applications where you need to control two independent circuits simultaneously or require redundancy for added reliability.

Relays play a crucial role in various industries and applications. They are commonly used in control panels, automation systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment, automotive systems, and more. The 102297-01 Relay can be employed in a wide range of scenarios where the opening and closing of electrical circuits need to be precisely controlled.

Manufactured to meet stringent quality and performance standards, this relay is built to withstand the demands of industrial and commercial environments. It offers dependable performance and a long service life, making it a cost-effective choice for your electrical control needs.


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