52W29 - Flame Sensor


52W29 - Flame Sensor

Model #52W29
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Lennox 52W29 - LB-74940A Flame Sensor Kit Replaces:  52W29, 31L71, LB-74940A, 31L7101

The 52W29 Flame Sensor is a critical component designed to detect and monitor the presence of flames in various heating systems. With its high sensitivity and reliable performance, this flame sensor ensures safe and efficient operation by providing accurate flame detection.

The 52W29 Flame Sensor utilizes advanced technology to detect the presence of flames in a combustion chamber or burner assembly. It operates by sensing the ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by the flame, allowing it to differentiate between the presence and absence of a flame. This precise detection capability provides a crucial safety measure, ensuring that the system operates only when a flame is present.

Reliability and durability are paramount for flame sensors, as they play a crucial role in maintaining the safety of heating systems. The 52W29 Flame Sensor is constructed with robust materials and designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh operating conditions. This ensures that the sensor performs consistently and reliably over an extended period, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of the heating system.

Easy installation and compatibility with various heating systems are key features of the 52W29 Flame Sensor. It is designed to integrate seamlessly into different types of burners and combustion chambers, allowing for hassle-free installation or replacement. The sensor's universal compatibility ensures its versatility and applicability across a wide range of heating systems.


Minimum Purchase: 1 unit
Manufacturer Part Number 52W2901, 52W29
Manufacturer Lennox

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  • 5
    Good part

    Posted by Hem on Oct 20th 2023

    Original Lennox igniter . Heater is working fine .

  • 5
    52W29 Flame Sensor

    Posted by Vijay on Oct 18th 2019

    Excellent product

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