80K52 - High Pressure Switch Discharge R22


80K52 - High Pressure Switch Discharge R22

Model #80K52
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LENNOX 80K52 HI PRESSURE SWITCH DISCHARGE,CUTOUT 450PSIG(210-240)S4,S7 Replaces: 80K5201, 97J35, 97J3501

The 80K52 High Pressure Switch is a crucial component designed specifically for use with R22 refrigerant systems. Its primary function is to monitor and protect the system against excessive high-pressure conditions that may occur during operation.

Engineered with precision and built to industry standards, the 80K52 High Pressure Switch is designed to withstand the demands of high-pressure refrigerant applications. It is constructed using durable materials and features a robust design that ensures reliable and accurate operation in challenging environments.

When the pressure within the R22 refrigerant system exceeds safe limits, the 80K52 High Pressure Switch activates and interrupts the electrical circuit, thereby shutting down the system to prevent potential damage. This helps to protect vital components such as the compressor and other sensitive parts from excessive strain or failure.

The high-pressure switch plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity and safety of the R22 refrigerant system. It ensures that the pressure remains within the designated operating range, preventing any potential risks associated with over-pressurization, such as leaks, equipment damage, or even hazardous situations.

The 80K52 High Pressure Switch is specifically designed for use with R22 refrigerant, which has been widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Its compatibility with R22 ensures optimal performance and precise pressure monitoring, allowing for safe and efficient operation of the system.

The installation of the 80K52 High Pressure Switch in an R22 refrigerant system provides HVAC professionals and technicians with a reliable and essential safety feature. Its ability to monitor and react to high-pressure conditions helps to prevent costly repairs, prolongs the lifespan of the system, and ensures the safety of both the equipment and occupants.


Minimum Purchase: 1 unit
Manufacturer Part Number 80K5201
Manufacturer Lennox

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