Y2067 - Honeywell Genesis 10700108, 14/4 AWG Mini-Split Tray Cable, Stranded, 600 Volt, 250 ft Reel


Y2067 - Honeywell Genesis 10700108, 14/4 AWG Mini-Split Tray Cable, Stranded, 600 Volt, 250 ft Reel

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The "Honeywell Genesis 10700108" is a high-quality and meticulously engineered electrical cable designed for specific applications in the realm of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, particularly mini-split air conditioning systems. This cable is a versatile and dependable solution for wiring mini-split systems, offering precise specifications and performance capabilities. It is a 14/4 AWG (American Wire Gauge) cable, meaning it consists of four stranded conductors with a wire gauge of 14, designed to handle the demands of HVAC installations.

At its core, this cable is engineered to provide reliable and efficient electrical connectivity within mini-split HVAC systems. The four conductors within the cable are responsible for transmitting power and signals to various components of the mini-split system, such as the indoor and outdoor units, ensuring seamless operation and control. The 14/4 AWG configuration provides ample capacity to carry the required electrical load while maintaining signal integrity.

The "Honeywell Genesis 10700108" cable is designed with a 600-volt rating, indicating its capacity to handle electrical voltages up to 600 volts safely. This voltage rating is well-suited for HVAC applications, where electrical systems often require high voltage for efficient operation. The cable's ability to handle such voltages ensures that it can effectively power and control mini-split systems.

With a generous length of 250 feet on a reel, this cable offers flexibility and convenience during installation. The reel design simplifies cable management, allowing installers to measure and cut the cable to the required length without waste. This length is suitable for a wide range of mini-split installations, whether in residential or commercial settings, making it a versatile choice for HVAC professionals.


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