Y5503 - Browning AX46 V-Belt, AX Section, 48.8 Inch O.C.


Y5503 - Browning AX46 V-Belt, AX Section, 48.8 Inch O.C.

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The Browning AX46 V-Belt is a high-quality power transmission belt designed for a wide range of industrial and mechanical applications. This V-belt is part of the AX section, known for its excellent power transmission capabilities and durability. With a length of 48.8 inches outside circumference (O.C.), it offers reliable performance in various belt-driven systems.

Key Features:

  • AX Section: The AX section is known for its superior power transmission efficiency. It's designed to handle high horsepower loads and provides excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.
  • Durable Construction: The Browning AX46 V-Belt is constructed from high-quality materials that are resistant to oil, heat, and general wear and tear. This ensures a longer service life and reliable performance in demanding applications.
  • 48.8 Inch O.C.: With an outside circumference of 48.8 inches, this V-belt is suitable for a variety of industrial machinery, including conveyors, HVAC systems, agricultural equipment, and more.
  • Efficient Power Transfer: The precisely engineered design of the V-belt ensures efficient power transfer from the drive pulley to the driven pulley. This results in reduced slippage and improved overall system performance.


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