Y9791 - Browning BX58 V-Belt, BX Section, 61 Inch O.C.


Y9791 - Browning BX58 V-Belt, BX Section, 61 Inch O.C.

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The Browning BX58 V-Belt is a high-quality power transmission belt designed for a wide range of industrial and mechanical applications. With its BX section and 61-inch outer circumference (O.C.), this V-belt delivers reliable performance and ensures efficient power transfer in various machinery and drive systems.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: The BX58 V-belt is constructed from premium materials, including high-strength rubber compounds and polyester cords. This robust construction ensures longevity and resistance to wear, heat, and environmental factors.
  • Smooth Power Transmission: Designed with precision, the Browning V-belt offers smooth and efficient power transmission. It minimizes slippage and vibration, allowing machinery to operate with precision and reduced energy loss.
  • Optimal Flexibility: The belt's flexibility and resilience make it suitable for use in various pulley and sheave configurations. It can easily adapt to different drive setups, ensuring versatility and adaptability in a wide range of applications.
  • BX Section: The BX section of this V-belt is a standardized size, making it compatible with BX sheaves and pulleys commonly used in industrial machinery. This standardization simplifies the replacement process and ensures compatibility with existing equipment.
  • 61-Inch Outer Circumference (O.C.): With a total outer circumference of 61 inches, this V-belt is appropriate for applications that require a belt of this specific length. It's essential to choose the correct belt size to maintain proper tension and power transmission.


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