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Lennox Air Conditioning Manuals


Air Conditioner/Heat Pump/Packaged Units Service Manuals
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Click on Your Model Series to View the Service Manual for Your Unit:

10AC Series 10ACB Series 10ACC Series
10GCS Series 10HPB Series 12ACB Series
12GCS Series 12HPB Series 13HPD Series
13ACC Series 13ACD Series 13ACX Series
13CHA(X) GCS11 Series GCSXA 2-5 Ton Series
13GEP Series 13HPP Series 13HPX Series
14ACX Series 14HPX Series 15CHAX 2-5 Ton Series
15CHPX 2-5 Series 15GCSXA 2-5 Ton Series AC13 Series
CHA10 Series CHA11 Series CHA16 Series
CHA24 Series CHA8 Series CHA9 Series
C0A Series GCS10 Series GCS11 Series
GCS16 Series GCS16/CHA16 GCS16W Series
GCS20H/GCS20R GCS20R(X) GCS24 Series
GCS26 Series GCS29/CHA29 GCS3 Series
GCS4 Series HP10 Series HP11 Series
HP13 Series HP14 Series HP16 Series
HP19 Series HP20 Series HP21 Series
HP22 Series HP23 Series HP24 Series
HP25 Series HP26 Series HP27 Series
HP29 Series HP32 Series HP9 Series
HPXA12 Series HPXA15 Series HPXA16 Series
HPXA19 Series HS6-953 Series HS10 Series
HS11 Series HS12 Series HS13 Series
HS14 Series L7 HS14 Series TSC HS16 Series
HS17 Series HS18 Series HS20 Series
HS21 Series HS23 Series HS24 Series
HS25 Series HS26 Series HS27 Series
HS29 1-5 Ton HS29 6-20 Ton HS32 Series
HS7 Series HSM7 Series HSW4 Series
HSX15 Series HSXA12 Series HSXA16 Series
HSXA19 Series KGA Series L Series 3-6 Ton
LGA/LCA/LHA 13-25 Ton Series LGA/LGC/LCA/LCC 21-30 Ton Series LGC 7.5-25 Ton Series
SGA Series TCA Series TGA Series
WS1-18 XC13 Series XC14 Series
XC15 Series XC16 Series XC17 Series
XC21 Series XC25 Series XP13 Series
XP14 Series XP15 Series XP16 Series
XP19 Series XPG20 Series

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